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A Crooked Smile (2005) - CD EP

A Crooked Smile (2005) - CD EP

10 AUD

Released:  18 April 2005 (Smash Music)
Re-Released:  11 November 2006 (Speak ‘n Spell Music)
Recorded:  Sydney
Label:  Smash Music/Speak 'n Spell Music
Producer:  Various
Format: Jewel Case

A Remix EP version of the 2004 album A Smile, featuring artists such as Wolfmother, Jack Ladder and Dave McCormack remixing songs from A Smile . After a year in the making, the EP was released through Revolution Records on 18 April 2005. Each of the guest remix artists has at some point over the preceding 12 months shared a stage, a rider or a yellow raincoat with Dappled Cities Fly.

Classic jewel case CD version.

Track Listing:

  1. Peach (Decoder Ring remix)
  2. Die In Your Eyes (Dave McCormack remix)
  3. Cream (Paul Mac & Seymour Butz remix)
  4. States (Wolfmother remix)
  5. League Of German Girls (Jack Ladder cover)
  6. States X Die In Your Eyes (SPOD remix)