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Granddance (2007) - CD

Granddance (2007) - CD

15 AUD
Released:  28 June 2008
Recorded:  Los Angeles, CA
Label:  Dangerbird Records
Producer:  Peter Walker & Jim Fairchild
Format: Jewel Case

Granddance, the highly acclaimed 2nd record from Dappled Cities was recorded over two sessions throughout 2006 – 2 weeks in March and 6 more weeks from July, in 3 studios in and around Hollywood, LA, namely Sunset Sound, Sonora Recorders and New Monkey Studios. The album was produced by Peter Walker and Jim Fairchild (of Granddaddy), and mixed by Jaquire King in Nashville. The recording sessions were the result of Dappled’s international signing with Dangerbird Records, an independent Hollywood-based label, following the band’s showcase at the 2006 South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas.

Original "USA Version" in classic jewel case CD.

Track Listing:
  1. Holy Chord
  2. Work It Out
  3. Fire Fire Fire
  4. Colour Coding
  5. Beach Song
  6. Vision Bell
  7. The Eve The Girl
  8. Granddance
  9. Within Hours
  10. Watercourse
  11. Battlewon