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Lake Air (2012) - Deluxe CD/DVD

Lake Air (2012) - Deluxe CD/DVD

15 AUD
Released:  20th July 2012
Recorded:  Sydney
Label:  Hub Recordings/Inertia
Producer:  Dappled Cities & Jarrad Kritzstein
Format: Deluxe Digipack CD + bonus DVD Naked On East Street
Singles: Born At The Right Time, Run With The Wind
Digital: Includes download card for MP3 files

Lake Air is the ARIA nominated 4th record from Dappled Cities. Pre-production for the record commenced in August 2011 in San Francisco with producer Dan The Automator. This was followed by a week in LA with Jarrad Kritzstein, after which the band flew Kritzstein out to Sydney to co-produce the bulk of the tracking at Megaphon Studios, St Peters. Lake Air is the first in three albums to only be released locally in Australia – the band having left their previous US based label Dangerbird Records after the preceding record Zounds. Lake Air was released through Hub The Label and distributed through Inertia.

Product packaged as a limited edition deluxe Digipack CD with bonus 12 track live DVD Naked On East Street.

  1. Run With the Wind
  2. The Leopard
  3. Real Love
  4. Work in the Mould
  5. Lake Air
  6. Born At the Right Time
  7. Love Connection
  8. Icecubes
  9. Waves
  10. The Weekend
Naked On East Street Tracklist:
  1. Hold Your Back
  2. Answer Is Zero
  3. The Price
  4. Wooden Ships
  5. Slow for Me, My Island
  6. The Night Is Young at Heart
  7. Miniature Alas
  8. Don't Stop There
  9. Kid
  10. Middle People
  11. Apart
  12. Stepshadows