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Many Roads (2013) - CD

Many Roads (2013) - CD

15 AUD

Released:  17 January 2014
Recorded:  Sydney/Los Angeles
Label:  Hub Recordings/Inertia
Producer:  Dappled Cities
Format: Jewel Case

Many Roads is a collection of rarities, b-sides and outtakes, generated by Dappled Cities during their 10 years of crazed activity between 2003 to 2013. The title track and lead single, Many Roads, is a brand new song conceived to mark the spirit of the release.

Classic jewel case CD.


  1. Many Roads
  2. Cave Country
  3. Easy Money
  4. Battlewon
  5. The Sleeper
  6. A Walk On A Wire
  7. Save Your Money
  8. Waves
  9. Cramps
  10. Steven
  11. Our Warstore
  12. Madly Fadly
  13. Father & Son
  14. Something That Matters